Retail Store Solutions

The adoption of new technologies has accelerated rapidly among retail stores in the last ten years, all the way from health chains to oil corporations. However, as with any market experiencing growing pains, the retail sector often runs into issues such as outdated infrastructures, non-automated procurement processes, limited supply chain visibility and inefficient logistics. IT-Alliances has extensive experience in building, testing, customizing and supporting retail store solutions that resolve these issues and deliver reliable, robust, secure products.

Focus Areas

IT-Alliances has worked with leading retail and software vendors to develop and support a wide variety of technology solutions. Our focus areas include:

  • Point of Sales (POS) systems
  • Customer relationship management
  • Store auditing and inventory management

Our Capabilities

Some of the retail stores solutions on which we have worked include:

  • POS systems that enable the purchase and return of merchandise
  • Audit management products that define parameters, assign weights, track findings and generate compliance reports
  • Inventory management software that tracks products in the warehouse and enables the user to view various parameters (e.g., markdown products, exit brands, reorder levels, etc.) and make a purchase order
  • Complaint management solutions that enable stores and call centers to track customer feedback and track it to closure (i.e., escalation, mediation, reporting, etc.)
  • Mobile inventory, sales and marketing applications